• Castle manages rental homes for landlords using automation and on-demand labor. It finds tenants, collect rent, and coordinate maintenance, allowing owners to kick back, relax, and never worry about their rental properties again. Owners either have to deal with this whole mess themselves, or spend 10% of their rental income on a traditionalproperty management company that requires constant supervision and is often incentivized to act against the owner’s best interest.

    There are 43 million rental units in the United States, and most of them are currently managed with some combination of faxes, mail, and unreturned voicemails on the landlord’s personal phone. Castle moves all of property management into a seamless online experience, providing owners with transparency, speed, and incredible customer service—plus huge cost savings over traditional management. Renters get great service and instant updates about important issues.
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  • Recent Financing Round : $9.2M Series A in February 2019
  • Other Investors : Y Combinator, Index Ventures, First Round Capital, F-Prime Capital
  • portfolio company : SparkLabs Global Ventures

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