SparkLabs Saudi Arabia

At SparkLabs Saudi Arabia, we're on a mission to catalyze Saudi Arabia's transformation into one of the world's most dynamic and innovative startup ecosystems. As a dedicated startup accelerator and early-stage venture capital firm, we're committed to fostering homegrown talent, nurturing domestic startups, and attracting innovation from across the Kingdom's borders.

• A Global Network, A Local Focus
As a proud member of the renowned SparkLabs Group, a global network of accelerators and venture capital funds, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the heart of the Middle East. Our group has successfully invested in over 500 companies across six continents, and now, we're channeling that global insight and knowledge into Saudi Arabia.

• Our Vision for Impact
At SparkLabs Saudi Arabia, we understand the vital role early-stage funding and mentorship play in building sustainable businesses. We're not just here to invest in promising startups; we're here to empower them with world-class accelerator programs. By bridging the gap between innovative ideas and actionable solutions, we aim to make a lasting impact on Saudi Arabia's entrepreneurial landscape.

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Ivan Grlic

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Bodin Scepanovic


Sameer Chishty

Co-founder & Partner