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Tom Peters has been hailed as the “uber guru” by the Economist and the “father of the post-modern corporation” by the Los Angeles Times. Fortune adds, “We live in a Tom Peters world.”

In Search of Excellence, Tom’s first book, coauthored with Robert Waterman, was published in 1982 and became an instant bestseller. In 1999 NPR named it one of the “Top Three Business Books of the Century.” He followed that with A Passion for Excellence, coauthored with Nancy Austin, and a further string of Thrivininternational bestsellers including g on Chaos, Liberation Management, The Tom Peters Seminar, The Pursuit of WOW!, The Circle of Innovation, The Brand You50, The Project50, and The Professional Service Firm50. His book Re-imagine! has four topical companions, Leadership, Design, Trends, and Talent.

In addition to writing, Tom presents about 50 seminars a year all over the world. Tom is a graduate of Cornell and Stanford Universities, and he has worked as a senior White House drug abuse adviser, been a partner at McKinsey & Co., and spent four years on active duty in the U.S. Navy (including 2 tours in Vietnam). Tom and his family live on a farm in Vermont.

"Tom Peters [is] the Red Bull of management thinkers. If the economy has got you down and you're feeling out of sorts, a shot of Peters is guaranteed to pick you up and put you back on the road to excellence."—Bo Burlingham, Inc.

"Tom Peters is the most provocative and engaging (as well as annoying and threatening) management guru running loose in America today."—CBS MarketWatch

"In no small part, what American corporations have become is what Peters has encouraged them to be."—The New Yorker