Ivan Grlic
 Co-founder & Managing Partner / SparkLabs Saudi Arabia

Ivan Grlic is a serial entrepreneur and problem solver. Ivan started his first business, CMT Group Balkan, in 2005, built and then sold it in 2009. He then became a partner and regional director of Naton HR for several years before starting his second business, Primus Group, in 2014. It is now one of the fastest-growing HR agencies in Eastern Europe. While he still owns it, it is under professional management.

Sun Data World was his third business in only his third decade. The goal of the company is to tap into Ethiopia’s vast renewable resources and build Data Center infrastructure and deploy the latest cloud services that will allow the country to become one of the digital hubs in Africa and the world in the years to come. He is an active seeker of opportunities in emerging and frontier markets, especially in energy and technology.