Venture Partner / SparkLabs Group

Chris Koh is co-founder and Principal of SparkLabs Ventures. Prior to SparkLabs Ventures, he co-founded Coupang, a leader in e-commerce in South Korea valued at USD 5 billion.

During his 5 years at Coupang, he led B2B business development and sales division which was responsible for bringing in over 20 million users (40% of the population of Korea) to the business.

Not only is he experienced in marketing and business development, he was instrumental in growing the business from 7 employees to over 6000 employees in 5 years making him an expert at evaluating what it takes for businesses to scale.

Coupang is the first company to reach market dominance in the mobile market giving Chris a unique experience in the field of e-commerce and mobile services. Before he founded Coupang, he was at SK Chemicals Corporate Strategy Team, developing new business opportunities and planning other high level initiatives.

He received his MBA from Harvard Business School where he focused on entrepreneurism and digital innovation.