SparkChain Capital is an early-stage venture capital fund focused in investing in the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency innovations across the world.

Investment thesis:


    It will change and disrupt many industries because it can be more secure, transparent, and efficient than existing systems today.

    Financial institutions, healthcare, energy, security, data storage, governments, healthcare, and many others will be disrupted.

Investment Approach:

  • Focused on the Best Blockchain & Crypto Companies.

    We will focus on equity investments into the best blockchain and crypto companies across the globe

  • Highly Vetted ICOs.

    We will carefully vet all of our ICO investments since many are questionable in intent or execution ability

  • Target no more than 10% of the fund to cryptocurrencies.

    Our target holdings for cryptocurrencies in total will be 10% of the fund, and we will be holding these positions and not actively trading.

Joyce Kim
Co-founder & Managing Partner
SparkChain Capital
William Chu
Co-founder & Partner
SparkChain Capital
Jay McCarthy
Co-founder & Partner
SparkChain Capital